Bhanupriya Blue Film Photos

Miss Bhanupriya was a former leading actress of the Tamil and Telugu film industry. I love teacher was her most famous ans still popular movie in Tamil language. Like other celebrities she also got stuck in various scandals in her acting life, Bhanupriya Blue Film is one of them, but it did not become so much popular on her time. But now some crazy fans of her start again digging her past life with the search of her Scandal.

If you made search on the Internet for Bhanupriya, you will got nothing like blue film but Bhanupriya wallpapers, songs and Wiki and a little bit of her biography, but you will definitely fail to get results for her involvement in the blue film industry. Bhanu sister Nishanthi, known as Shantipriya, also acted in several films

Bhanupriya also got a real fame for her hot photos, because on her time she was the only Tamil actress who gives and excellent styles to Tamil Nadu film industry, and every fan of her start displaying her large size wallpapers in drawing rooms and also in bed rooms. Bhanupriya in Rajashilpi with Boy become her most famous scene of her career, in which she acted by wearing Saree dress in whole film. Bhanu Priya First Night Scene s another success for her limited career but she makes a lot of money and bank balance in her profession.

At the last she decided to get marry and she immediately resigned from her profession after her marriage, now she is a fat woman but still looks attractive.

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